Street Art

Graffiti or Art? On man hole cover. Taken on rue du commerce, Paris, France 13 sep 2011

I thought this image was sort of cool. Especially the perspective. But what do you think about grafitti on public property? Is it art or is it vandalism? I guess if you like it then it’s art, but if you don’t then it’s vandalism… If everyone used public property as their canvas, there may be no clean surfaces left, hmmm?


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One thought on “Street Art

  1. i like this image a lot so for me it’s grafiti. or isn’t it called tagging? on fisher’s island, ny all the teenagers (young & old) take one week a summer after dark of course and paint images on crossroads, intersections and random places on the island roads. it’s a tradition of creative expression on a known to be stuffy place which is a great oxymoron of sorts.

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