Evolution of a painting

My first day painting at La Grande Chaumiere, in Paris 75006. 16Sep201


When to stop. When to keep going. When does it get overworked? I usually like my initial sketch… but I’m trying to push myself to continue on and evolve the painting, even if it goes through phases that I don’t like. I need to remember to stop and look at it. React to it. What do I like about it? What don’t I like about i?. Stay connected to the model. Look more closely. Don’t get stuck working on one tiny part. Keep looking at the whole image and adjust it to what feels right. It ends when the model stops. So is it done? When the model stops, I pack up and go home. Then I put it out to look at it with fresh perspective.  Do I like it? It’s ok. Once I get home I can see parts that I would change. Nose too big. A little muddy. I do like that it has started to look more sculpted, three dimensional. At this studio, the model holds the pose for 6 days straight. So I could go back and continue working. Or I could start over.  We’ll see….


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