Limits that form art


Much of the beauty that arises in art

comes from the struggle an artist wages

with his limited medium.

Henri Matisse


I totaly relate to this quote by Matisse. The limits of my tools, the size of my paper, the texture, the softness of the charcoal, the sharpness of my pencil. The paint, acrylic, watercolor, oil.  Pen and ink, or whatever I choose to do art with. It’s often decided by what I can carry, or where I am doing art. In Paris, I’ve been to studios where I have to be neat, so my art is limited to smaller paper and pencils rather than the big paper and messy charcoal that I used in San Francisco. I’ve learned to adapt to what I have and naturally the art turns out differently. The key is to embrace what I have and use it to it’s fullest potential, rather than trying to force a pencil to look like charcoal…

The other limit is time.  A 2 minute gesture is very different from an hour long pose or a week long pose. The energy that the model puts into  the pose is different. The amount of time you have changes your approach. Although, it shouldn’t.  You shouldn’t get more precious just because you know you have more time…


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