22 jan 2012 – mandala

The whole family made this mandala together. Jaclyn started with the “seed” in the middle and then we took turns adding a symbol in concentric circles, jaclyn, adan, mitch and then me, until we filled the whole circle. Then we painted it with acrylic paint and outlined in black marker. It is painted on a 48″ diameter piece of canvas and is finished with clear varnish. It was a project for my birthday and it will be on our family dining table. I love it!

Note: This is a link that Jaclyn saw that inspired the Mandala… http://youtu.be/g16B64myG-E



One thought on “22 jan 2012 – mandala

  1. What a lovely mandala…It looks so professional. Such a special project for your birthday. Looks great on your table. Love, Mom

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