Difficult Reclining Pose 2 April 2012

There was a 20 minute reclining pose, which are always difficult for me. I used a very fine point black pen, 0.05.  Drawing with pen adds the challenge of not being able to erase. I did 2 drawings on one page. The first one, at the top, was very tight and I got frustrated. After 15 minutes of struggling, I wiped it out with charcoal and started a second drawing. I just let my eyes wander over the figure, exploring the shapes and ended up with the line drawing at the bottom of the page. I included close-ups of each drawing as well… I was much happier with the freedom of the second drawing.



Aquapencil Drawings 2 april 2012

Playing around today with a water color pencil, called Cretacolor Aquamonolith. I like it because you can draw dry, or dip it in water or use a brush…. lots of flexibility. Most of these drawings were very quick 1-5 minutes.


Fidgeting Portrait 2 April 2012


As I was painting this portrait, I was super frustrated because the model kept fidgeting, moving her mouth, looking around the room, etc… So frustrating when you’re trying to concetrate on the face. At first, I thought I would just try to paint her fidgeting energy… I did that for a while but then gave up and started painting some little portraits of artists in the room who were painting her.